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0025 - Misinformation Sources

So many sources out there are spewing bullshit. Most of us can tell fact from fiction, but convincing Dysevidentia sufferers that their favorite source is supplying non-sense is hard. Just having a good vocabulary to discuss this can help, Mako and Sqeaky have a conversation and share some of the ways they think about kinds of sources and provide a simple list of things to check that many should have but might not have thought about it specifically.

0024 - Video Game Violence won’t kill you in 2021 but…

Spoiler: there isn't any link between playing video games and violence, but it is understandable that some people think there is. There are several papers discussing this and many land on both sides. Sqeaky and Mako tease out the BS but have most of an hour leftover for all the other things that may or may not have killed you in 2021, 5g, climate change, epoxy in bodily orifices…

0023 - Weather or Not to Support Labor

A tornado ripped through a candle factory and an Amazon shipping facility, and people needlessly died. Sqeaky and Mako will discuss the violations of workers' rights that led to this and update everyone on a few other issues in the news. Kellogg’s is trying to replace workers and might be failing partially because of interference from online communities. Read the transcript and check the sources at: https://dysevidentia.transistor.fm/episodes/0023-weather-or-not-to-support-labor

0022 - You Are Not Immune to American Nationalist Propaganda

Mako and Sqeaky tackle the propaganda most Americans are immersed in. Maybe this will be illuminating for our international listeners, it might explain some things Americans take for granted. We tackle modern misinformation and mistakes around the rittenhouse trial, historical propaganda in our daily pledge of allegiance, and some less well known political strategies that have longer term but still modern impact. Read the Show notes at: https://dysevidentia.transistor.fm/episodes/0022-you-are-not-immune-to-american-nationalist-propaganda

0021 - Annunaki and Ancient Aliens

We did a deep dive in space topics a while ago, but this time, Mako has dug deeper into Annunaki and Ancient Alien myths than archaeologists into the pyramids. We would like this to be the final word on Ancient aliens, but there is always new bullshit and more unhinged details to find in antiquity. This should give you the grounding to understand how to approach people who think humans are ape/extraterrestrial hybrids, the pyramids were assembled by alien lasers, or other similar non-sense. Listen online, see the show notes, and read the transcript at: https://dysevidentia.transistor.fm/episodes/0021-annunaki-and-ancient-aliens Watch on youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIhClfgPPB4&list=PLga0dvT0mxXZRTmLjj0ALYU5ZVRoQpcZy

0020 - Autumn Holidays Myths

We are a few days late for Halloween, but plenty early for Thanksgiving. After all the heavy news and topics, let's keep it light and look at common myths around these two holidays. Sqeaky and Mako try not to get too hard hitting this episode, just razors and laxatives in our candy, and some genocidal game theory in our turkey day. Listen online, see the show notes, and read the transcript at: https://dysevidentia.transistor.fm/episodes/0020-autumn-holidays-myths Watch on youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRz1Yz4dC-4

0019 - Striketober

There are so many strikes going on right now, and so many people claiming workers are "lazy" or "entitled". Clearly those people can go fuck themselves, but we have gathered some info and sources explained why the can. Sqeaky and Mako also took a stroll down to the Omaha Kellogg's plant to interview the workers on strike and took a dive deep into the claims being made on both sides and try to tease out as can be known. Listen online at: https://dysevidentia.transistor.fm/episodes/0019-striketober or watch on Youtube at: https://youtu.be/dYFRo7M_VpM Check out our sponsor for a custom computer, use code evidence for 10% off: https://abk-kustomz.com

0018 - The Big Flood (of nonsense)

Sqeaky and Mako discuss the biblical flood myth. There really are some people who think the world really did drown save one boat. Why do people think this? How can you know this non-sense when you hear it? We also spend a hot minute on covid, again. Check out our sponsor for a custom computer, use code evidence for 10% off - https://abk-kustomz.com Listen online at or read the show notes at: https://dysevidentia.transistor.fm/episodes/0018-the-big-flood-of-nonsense

0017 - Dissecting Misinformation

Sqeaky and Mako tackle a bunch of misinformation directly and have a hard and heartfelt conversation with someone struggling with a death likely caused by misinformation . What goes into making a fake news website? Not much. How much can they hurt? Lethally and incredibly damaging to everyone nearby and our interview guest shows it. https://dysevidentia.transistor.fm/episodes/0017-disecting-misinformation

0016 - Reproducing Evidence but Not god

Sqeaky and Mako open up about their histories with religion and share their stories leaving faith. They also discuss how to experts reproduce evidence and determine whether or not they are just guessing. Read the transcript and see the sources in the show notes: https://dysevidentia.transistor.fm/episodes/reproducing-evidence-but-not-god

0015 - The Limits of Evidence

People like to "I have evidence" or "look at the evidence". but when does this make sense? What are the limits of evidence? Afghanistan is a hot topic now and there are a lot claims around this, but not sufficient evidence to make a lot of claims. We also discuss gods, ghosts, UFOs, and discuss how evidence can be used on these topics. Get the show notes or listen online at: https://dysevidentia.transistor.fm/episodes/0015-the-limits-of-evidence

0014 - More Covid Misinformation

We are all seeing tons of covid misinformation. Just as every social meet up is a vector for covid, every social network is a vector for misinformation about covid. Mako and Sqeaky tackle half a dozen covid myths, instead of current news we just have a huge list of deaths, and we dig into how covid misinformation is structured. Get the show notes or listen online at: https://dysevidentia.transistor.fm/episodes/episode-14-more-covid-misinformation

0013 - Oil and Climate Change with the Rock Doctor

Sqeaky and Mako finish up the interview with the Rock Doctor, Sean Hodges PhD. They focus on oil and climate. Then they address a number of myths that conflict with climate change or try to throw doubt on it. There is also discussion of some of the current and ongoing effects of Climate Change. This isn't something to link to a denier, this is information for you to better understand so that when you have the right information and are armed with the knowledge needed to refute their non-sense. Get the show sources and transcript at: https://dysevidentia.transistor.fm/episodes/episode-13-oil-and-climate-change-with-the-rock-doctor

0012 - Evolution and Creationism with the Rock Doctor

Sqeaky and Mako interview the Rock Doctor AKA Dr Sean Hodges, a Geophysicist from Oxford and ask him a few questions that any 7th grader could answer yet 4 in 10 adult Americans cannot. Learn about some basics of fossils and plate tectonics with the Rock doctor in a way you can share with your local dysevidentia sufferer. Hear Mako's and Sqeaky's take on whether malaria or mcdonalds is the greater threat to health and which exerts more evolutionary pressure on humanity and more. Read the show notes and full transcript at https://dysevidentia.transistor.fm/episodes/evolution-and-creationism-with-the-rock-doctor

0011 - Healthcare, America’s got You Covered (rules and restrictions apply)

The lack of a healthcare system doesn’t work for millions of Americans. Yet, some think it is the greatest healthcare system in the world. Sqeaky and Mako discuss this and back their points of view with sources and hard numbers… and it isn’t. But we have numbers showing just how bad it is, and it could be worse, doctors could be giving out shots with guns instead of syringes. Listen to find out how bad it is and hear a few common myths being shot down. Read the show notes and sources at: https://dysevidentia.transistor.fm/episodes/healthcare-america-s-got-you-covered-rules-and-restrictions-apply or listen on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Err7YaCHMA Nicehash Sponsor: https://www.nicehash.com/?refby=eda23ada-5de2-4374-8816-3631679dbf9e

0010 - Hard to Joke About Ethics

Sqeaky and Mako try real hard to say something funny (and fail?) during serious discussion of ethics. They get schooled on academic ethics by a grad student on how the ethics of studies work forcing a retraction on some of Sqeaky's comments from a previous episode. Then they discuss algorithm radicalization and how to discuss things with people suffering from dysevidentia. See the show notes at https://dysevidentia.transistor.fm/episodes/hard-to-joke-about-ethics or watch on youtube: https://youtu.be/POZUlOoPRGE Small business of the show Innuendo Studio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xGawJIseNY&list=PLJA_jUddXvY7v0VkYRbANnTnzkA_HMFtQ Sponsored Links - Some books on ethics Sqeaky is reading: The Open Society and It’s enemies - Karl Popper - https://amzn.to/35twNpj American Prison: A Reporter's Undercover Journey into the Business of Punishment - Shane Bauer - https://amzn.to/3vwvUXL

0009 - Q Review

Sqeaky and Mako review “Q: Into the Storm” and documentaries as a whole. You can listen to them make mistakes and learn as they watch and review episode by episode. Listen to the bullshit they say: Is Ron Watkins less functional than the Tiger King? We bring basic critical thinking to bear against the nonsense that is Q. Support us at: https://www.patreon.com/dysevidentia Show note at: https://dysevidentia.transistor.fm/episodes/q-review Lister to more at: https://dysevidentia.com

0008 - Work Will Set You Free

Read the show notes and see the sources at https://dysevidentia.transistor.fm/episodes/work-will-set-you-free . This episode Sqeaky rants about words and Socialism. The he joins Mako to cover a few corrections, discuss recent technical issues and how they related to the chip shortage, the have an in depth discussion on worker motivation, minimum wage, UBI, and unemployment insurance.

0007 - Evaluating Evidence or Not

Read the Show notes at https://dysevidentia.transistor.fm/episodes/evaluating-evidence-or-not - Sqeaky has a rant about Winning versus Understanding. Then Sqeaky and Mako discuss what makes for good evidence and covid conspiracies theorists catching and dying from covid..

0006 - Dysevidentia Links and Responses

https://dysevidentia.transistor.fm/episodes/dysevidentia-links-and-responses - Sqeaky has a rant about Pascal's wager, and with Mako they discuss Pop-Psychology diagnoses, Antivax links to white nationalism (and other bullshit), and we discuss responses to the gun myth episode.

0005 - Shooting Down Gun Myths

https://dysevidentia.transistor.fm/episodes/shooting-down-gun-myths - This episode Sqeaky briefly discusses what dysevidentia is then him and Mako jump in to discussing 9 different gun Myths.

0004 - The Right Mask for the Wrong Reason

https://dysevidentia.transistor.fm/episodes/the-right-mask-for-the-wrong-reason - Sqeaky has a rant about how even fictional characters have trans-rights, bigots poisoning earnest discussion, and the paradox of tolerance. Then with Mako and Special Guest Paul Callahan, they discuss Callahan’s Razor, Mask effectiveness and docufiction.

0003 - Deep Space Deep Dive

More at https://dysevidentia.transistor.fm/episodes/deep-space-deep-dive but for now Sqeaky has a rant where evidence is made a little more personal than the mars (or devon island) rover can dig up. Then with Mako, they discuss Considering the quality of sources, Landing Denial. Doomsayers. People who shouldn’t be trusted, Pareidolia problems, and Alien Superscience around DNA and Nuclear power.

0002 - Rushing to Conservative Misinformation and Aliens

More at https://dysevidentia.com but for now we will discuss dysevidentia while we figure out audio quality. Sqeaky has a rant where he describes people not valuing evidence. Then with Mako, they discuss Covid Vaccine Deaths and preposterous claims around them, Shell hitting peak oil, rush limbaugh dying, and touch on the fractal of wrong thinking that is Annunaki. Support us: Become a Patron - https://www.patreon.com/dysevidentia Nicehash Sponsor - https://www.nicehash.com/?refby=eda23ada-5de2-4374-8816-3631679dbf9e

0001 - Intro to Dysevidentia and 2020 Recap

More at https://dysevidentia.com but for now we will share what dysevidentia is while we figure out podcasting. Sqeaky has a rant where he describes a high functioning professional suffering from it. Then with Mako, they discuss their three source method for being a little less wrong and 5 topics of dysevidentia from 2020 about a prophet, veterans getting disrespect, a presidential pandemic, some line jumping liars, and some genetic engineering that wasn't.

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