Sqeaky and Mako are two software developers. Software does exactly as it is told and not what you want. So troubleshooting it is often like being a detective in a murder mystery where you are the victim and the murderer. Generally, using evidence is critical to working out what these fucking machines actually do.

Dysevidentia is like cognitive dissonance, in that both are failings of people to understand something is wrong with their information. Cognitive dissonance is often described as tension or discomfort when someone holds two conflicting ideas. Dysevidentia is a complete lack of tension or discomfort when someone has two such ideas.

A person with Dysevidentia might be a successful professional, they might be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, software developer, architect, or any other generally intelligent person. They just might have trouble with evidence and novel thoughts. These people have usually internalized a big list of heuristics to do their jobs instead of understanding the actual mechanics of how their subject matter works.

A software developer might learn a huge list of "best practices" but never understand why those help, and be passable much of the time yet lost completely at a novel but simple situation. An HVAC technician might specialize in one piece of equipment and memorize the relevant list of symptoms and correlate them with the correct fixes, but fail to fix a simpler piece of equipment new to them with different fixes. A person might hold a job, raise a family, vote, pay bills, and do all other sorts of responsible adult shit, then fail to understand that a disease carried in droplets is slowed from spreading by a piece of cloth on their face (we were salty and wrote this during the pandemic, can you tell?).


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