0021 - Annunaki and Ancient Aliens

We did a deep dive in space topics a while ago, but this time, Mako has dug deeper into Annunaki and Ancient Alien myths than archaeologists into the pyramids. We would like this to be the final word on Ancient aliens, but there is always new bullshit and more unhinged details to find in antiquity. This should give you the grounding to understand how to approach people who think humans are ape/extraterrestrial hybrids, the pyramids were assembled by alien lasers, or other similar non-sense. Listen online, see the show notes, and read the transcript at: https://dysevidentia.transistor.fm/episodes/0021-annunaki-and-ancient-aliens Watch on youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIhClfgPPB4&list=PLga0dvT0mxXZRTmLjj0ALYU5ZVRoQpcZy
Here are the sources and useful points of references for this episode:
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