0023 - Weather or Not to Support Labor

A tornado ripped through a candle factory and an Amazon shipping facility, and people needlessly died. Sqeaky and Mako will discuss the violations of workers' rights that led to this and update everyone on a few other issues in the news. Kellogg’s is trying to replace workers and might be failing partially because of interference from online communities. Read the transcript and check the sources at: https://dysevidentia.transistor.fm/episodes/0023-weather-or-not-to-support-labor
Here are the time stamps to some relevant parts of the episode:
  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:30 Meta
  • 06:24 Kellogg’s Strike Update
  • 16:22 Sponsored by ABK Kustomz
  • 17:26 Covid Minute
  • 32:21 Sponsored by Wren
  • 33:28 Tornadoes and Amazon and a Candle Factory
  • 48:17 Onsite Amazon Safety sign
  • 48:49 More Tornadoes and Labor
  • 51:16 A few other labor discussions (MLB, Starbucks, Amazon Union)
  • 1:38:25 Outro
Here are the sources and links for the show:

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