0013 - Oil and Climate Change with the Rock Doctor

Sqeaky and Mako finish up the interview with the Rock Doctor, Sean Hodges PhD. They focus on oil and climate. Then they address a number of myths that conflict with climate change or try to throw doubt on it. There is also discussion of some of the current and ongoing effects of Climate Change. This isn't something to link to a denier, this is information for you to better understand so that when you have the right information and are armed with the knowledge needed to refute their non-sense. Get the show sources and transcript at: https://dysevidentia.transistor.fm/episodes/episode-13-oil-and-climate-change-with-the-rock-doctor
Here is our full list of sources, for the context they are used in, please check the transcript

Rant Sources:

Correction Sources:

Rock Doctor Part 2 Interview Sources:

Post Interview Breakdown:
Climate Change is still happening:
Might be the birth of a Climate Change Myth:
Climate Change is Complex:
After Credits Bullshitting with the Rock Doctor:
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